Attic Insulation Promotion in the month of August. Get it installed to feel the difference

Seal up and eliminate those cold spots before winter. August brings great deals for Full Attic Upgrades.

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Improve Comfort and Save Energy with Attic Insulation

Top Quality Full Attic Upgrade from Whole Home Savings

  • Attic Insulation is the one of the most simple and cost-effective upgrades to a home in Canada.
  • A properly insulated attic can save you an estimated 10-50% on your heating bill. Most homes in Ontario built prior to 2015 have low attic insulation (R) value.
  • Attic insulation is very much like a “blanket” around the house - it serves to stabilize temperatures throughout the house and provides added comfort to occupants and residents inside the house. 
  • One of the most underrated efficiency upgrades. Often overlooked due to not needing any service, maintenance, or breakdowns. 

Ontario's government standard for Attic Insulation is R-50 for all homes built after 2015. If your home is older than 2015 it may have less than half of that currently installed. Schedule a free in home assessment including a measured picture report to show how your home's insulation ranks.

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Spray Foam

Feel a draft or completing a renovation? Exterior walls and Basements allow heat loss. The most efficient insulation type for these types of walls is Spray Foam.  Contact us for a quote. Spray foam can be applied with only 1 inch of thickness.

Spray Foam